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2020 Junior Match Play

Starting next week, the Etown Tennis Commission will be offering match play for student
athletes. Players will be placed on a court of doubles or singles, depending on the number of
players in attendance, to play one set to 6 games with no ad scoring. Once all courts complete
one set, the winner of that court will move "up" to the next court, and the loser of that court will
move "down" to the next court. Opponents and partners will change every round. There is no
charge to participate, but players must bring their own marked balls to serve during their service
games. We hope to complete 3 rounds or more each evening.

Any student who is eligible to play high school level tennis (7th grade and up) is welcome to
attend on Monday evenings, 6-7:30, although priority will be given to current high school
As we receive registrations, we will be in touch with middle school students about
Monday availability. Any student who currently plays yellow ball tennis and is under the age of
14 is welcome to attend on Thursdays, 4:30-6.

Match play will begin at Freeman Lake the week of August 31st and hopefully run through the
end of October, weather permitting. Please fill out the JotForm if you plan to attend.
Attendance is not required every week. Just come when you can!