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COVID closes tennis courts-city working to reopen

Per the Governor's orders, as our tennis community is aware, our tennis courts have been closed.  Additionally, KHSAA, which guides high school sports, has mandated that NO high school sports facilities be used for any purpose, including community use during the COVID-19 outbreak and restrictions.  

Elizabethtown city officials are working diligently to allow their tennis courts, located at Freeman Lake, American Legion, and University Drive, to be reopened.  However, they have to abide by guidance from both the health department and governor. Courts will open as soon as the city feels that it can be done safely.  To that end, the tennis commission has shared USTA's advice for playing safely for both facilities and players ( &nb​sp;

We understand many in our tennis playing community have been calling to find out the status of the courts.  Rest assured they are working on it., and we will continue to post information as we learn it.  While the city appreciates the community concern, they won't be able to open the courts any faster by fielding numerous inquiries, so please, let's all exhibit patience.