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Junior Team Tennis Signup Open

This year, Junior Team Tennis will look very different than any other year because of COVID-19. Therefore it is very important to understand the format since it is different than ever before. My goal for this summer is to give all tennis players an opportunity to play in a relaxed, fun environment.  Keeping that in mind, I will form the teams as best as I can to accommodate requests while trying to level the competition among the teams.
For State: There are no sectionals this year but USTAKY is still planning to conduct a State Championship in September or early October (date and location TBD). Whatever team you are on locally does NOT have the be the team you play on for State. I realize that some people would like to form their own teams for JTT, and I am letting coaches and/or parents handle who they would like to go to state as a team. If there are people who need help completing a team for state I would be more than happy to help. Since this is such a fluid situation, I would hate to form teams specifically for state and then have those teams not be able to participate/play. To qualify to play on a state team, players must play at least 2 matches in their age group within in our local league. Unlike past years, the match format at the state tournament will be 3 courts ONLY: Boys Doubles, Girls Doubles, Mixed Doubles.  So you will still need a minimum of 3 boys and 3 girls for the state but no more double up rule, meaning NO PLAYER will be allowed to play twice.  The goal from USTAKY is to have less player interaction and allow for quicker completion of matches.   Additionally, at state, there will be two different levels of play available, a Silver division for less experienced players and a Gold division for true intermediate players.  
For Local League: In order to officially sign up to play this summer, you must complete the TennisLink registration at  Your age division is determined by your birthdate, and you must remain the age of your division through October 31, 2020.  Additionally, a USTA account (not paid membership) is required to register.  If your player doesn't have an account, you will be prompted to register for one.  The requests on Google Forms will be taken into consideration while planning the teams once the players are registered. Registration is due June 14th and I will email all teams on June 15th. All people who said they would be a coach should be receiving an email from me this week. Matches will begin the week of July 1st and go through the end of August, with U18 playing on Monday evenings, U14 on Tuesday, and U12 on Thursday.  For teams that want to form to go to state, I will schedule matches for you in September so that your team gets the opportunity to compete as a team.  
Cost for the summer local league is $28, and includes balls and a t-shirt.  If you have any questions or clarifications, do not hesitate to reach out to our coordinator, Kayla Ditto, at