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Letter to the tennis community

Elizabethtown Tennis Players,


The Elizabethtown Tennis Commission (ETC) is made up of volunteers from the community whose primary goal is to promote tennis and provide opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.  In order to meet this goal, the City of Elizabethtown has authorized the ETC to reserve court time for various programs, such as the 10 and under league, youth match play, summer and fall USTA Junior Team Tennis, as well as men’s, women’s, and mixed double leagues on various days/nights.  As a commission, we strive to balance the needs of our program participants as well as those of the tennis playing community at large.  Some of these programs are quite popular and require more court space. Please be patient and remember that our goal is to grow the sport of tennis.


With that being said, the role of the ETC is NOT to reserve courts, deny, or grant permission for individuals, groups, or programs that fall outside the scope of our programming.  The City of Elizabethtown is responsible for authorizing reserved courts for local teaching professionals as well as the local high school tennis teams from Central Hardin, Elizabethtown, John Hardin, and North Hardin.  If you have questions or concerns about the use of courts as related to one of these groups, please contact the City of Elizabethtown.


If you enjoy tennis as much as we do and want to be involved in growing the sport, please reach out to us about volunteer opportunities.  The City of Elizabethtown has blessed our community with a first-class facility at Freeman Lake Park.  They too have seen a need for additional courts and have included a plan for 5 additional courts at Freeman Lake to be constructed during the 2022-2023 budget cycle.  To the members of the ETC, crowded courts represent a thriving tennis community. 


Members of the Elizabethtown Tennis Commission