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USTA Leagues Being Formed In Elizabethtown

Elizabethtown has so much involvement in tennis – we need to be represented in USTA leagues over the winter months.  There are two groups trying to form right now:  a 3.0 ladies’ team and a 3.5 men’s team. 
If you are interested in the ladies team and are either rated at 3.0 or believe you are at 3.0 level (or a very strong 2.5), please contact  Susan Simmions  at        as soon as possible. Practice  will start in mid-November and the matches will run from January through April.  They are each weekend but not everyone plays every weekend. Matches will be indoors in Louisville.  Every match requires 8 players.  There are 2 singles courts and 3 doubles courts each time.  The fee is around $16 per match.  The number of matches depends on the number of teams participating from year to year.  To make sure we have coverage at each match, Susan would  like to have around 14 players.  You’ll be guaranteed at least 3 matches throughout the season.  We’ll try to have practice sessions, but that will depend on availability at the Pritchard.  To be on the team, you’ll also be required to be a USTA member.    
Josh Wall is the point of contact if you are interested in the men’s 3.5 team.  All of the information is the same as for the ladies’ league other than this being a higher level (3.5 rather than 3.0).  You’d need to either be rated a 3.5 or a strong 3.0.  His email is .